Kung Fu panda 2 – My review

Our dragon warrior Po is back with more number of bean buns and punch dialogues  (literally-dialogue before punching villains). The dialogues are damn cool. For instance, “I’m not freaking out. I’m just freaking in”, “My fist

hungers for justice. That was my fist” (Dear vijayakanth you lose here to Po), and my favorite one “My old enemy–STAIRS”. The movie is too good to be a second part and seriously humorous! The

facial expressions of Po are cute and funny. I tried some of those in my mirror and ended up breaking it.

Our panda finally found out that a goose cannot be a father of a panda!  WoW I didn’t expect this twist! The flashbacks in 2D animation are great and the chubby little panda eating radish is damn cute!

This movie preaches one of the most esteemed philosophies  of life – “Inner peace”! After watching this, I played a Chinese sound track in my mind and tried to divert my mom’s shouting by using this technique. Of course it didn’t work. She concluded that I am a “Sinner piece”!

This part’s villain is a Indian peafowl – Master Shen. He was like Sushmitha Sen with a male voice! Only these animators can conceive and depict a beautiful bird, as a cruel villain. The new characters are funny particularly the Soothsayer, a goat which jumps at Master Shen and eat its clothe and simply irritates it.

The fights were awesome and very much similar in many ways to Indian movies, esp when Po just catches the bomb in its hands and throws it back at the villain. Master Shifu has a tiny teeny role but happy to see him again.

The whole movie is about being AWESOME and it stands to it! Yeah there is no secret ingredient in this movie, it is just pure fun. I was laughing throughout the movie, though the person near me tried the STARING contest on me (You win brother!). You can’t miss this cute giant size panda. A MUST RADO WATCH MOVIE 🙂


3 thoughts on “Kung Fu panda 2 – My review

  1. I have always loved the way you pen down your thoughts.. Very happy for your kick-start-blogging 🙂

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