CA Study Holidays…. Enna Vazhka da idhu!

Once I thought that passing CA Inter without much efforts from my side was aatha’s  arul kadal. But now I’m realizing that it is sani bhagavan’s “ulla-thalli-kadhava-saathu” strategy.

You know when you are going to die, in what phase you are going to die and what is the reason for your death. The time given to pity you or curse your life is called Study holidays.

Due to this reason you will see an abnormal transformation in your thoughts, actions, preferences and lifestyle. I started, listening to spiritual discourses, watching dora bujji, ktv rajkiran movies, and samayal samayal of mallika bhadrinath. Above all I started studying a bit!


But always there will be a gleam of hope saying “Evlavo pannitom idha  pannamatoma?” Daily I’ll regret my day for wasting time and will go to “vadapoche mode” and promise on karpooram saying “nalailendhu theeya uzhaikarom, naaya padikkarom!”

I wasted half of my time planning how to study. And remaining half wondering where I went wrong :p. “Idhellam enga urupada podhu” was my aatha’s thalaippu seidhi- daily.

After some 10-15 days I understood that I am in the wrong train and cannot get down. And the train is full of nerds with typical buddi kannadi, breathing in-between pages of books and vomiting formulas. The volume and depth of the subjects made me cry like 5 yr old watching ‘Inception ‘movie without subtitles.

We fought like Anna Hazare for our exam leave in our office. Leave kudu file’a thodu strategy. After getting that successfully we don’t know what to do with it exactly like him.

Funny characters around me:

Bajji barath – He’ll call once in 15 days. Typically he’ll start saying “machi sema plan onnu irukku!” and after that he’ll narrate it with perfect details…. At the end I’ll ask “appo nee idha follow panni rank vangalame!” He’ll reply “nee vangu machi..adhu podhum. Enakku thookam varudhu, apparam pesaren.”

Wat’ra shyam – He called almost daily. We had our polambifying session during that call and before hanging up we’ll say together “nalailendhu thookarom!” After some point of time he changed his preparation strategy by stopping it and visiting temples and doing angapradakshanams. Vevaramana paiyan!

Auto mani – I’ll call him daily to get the motivation. He is like, “why-waste-5 mins-take-your-book-to-the-toilet” types and my big inspiration. He’ll polambify for his saloon visit and wasting 30 mins there. I was wondering how happy I’ll be if I study for that 30 mins and live in saloon for the rest of the day. “Sabba… mudiyala” is his favorite dialogue before ending up the call.

Srinath 420 – He’s a terror guy I say. He’ll call-up for the sole intention of building-up fear in my mind. Srinath na “BAYAM”. He’ll keep on updating his notebook status “Accounts 4 time practice pannitten, Law 6 times revise pannitten, Tax than bayama irukku 2 times than cover pannirukken!” and end up the conversation saying “Ennamachi…pass aavoma?”. Anjaneyarukke vada illena, appo namakku?

Study holidays are great part of my life. Praying that it should not be the longest part. It’s a self-realisation stage. There is only a small difference between a samiyar and CA student. A samiyar will say life or death is a  maya. CA student will say pass or fail is a maya.  I thoroughly enjoyed my study holidays except for a few  hours  of study :p

Kandraviyana karuthugal:

  1. Ishta pattu padicha pass aaga mudiyadhu, kashtapattu padikkanum.
  2. Dhadi valatha mattum pass aaga mudiyadhu, adhoda sethu konjam confidence’um valakkanum.
  3. Padikkatikooda no problem. But revise pannanum. Don’t ask me how.
  4. VAT vattudhu, custom kasta padavekkudhunu punch dialogue lam pesa koodathu.
  5. Plan pannanum aana plan mattum pannakoodathu.
  6. Alava saapadanum… unlimited meals la nalu, anju saapada koodathu.
  7. Padicha mattum poradhu. Padikkadhadha padichamaari nadikkavum seyyanum.
  8. Most important- Indhamari yarachu advise panna kekkanum… poda comedy piece nu thitta koodathu!

All the best! 🙂


17 thoughts on “CA Study Holidays…. Enna Vazhka da idhu!

  1. I have a dizzying sensation just to picturize what you said and I can’t imagine myself in your position…….6th & 7th ones of your “Kandraviyana Kavidhaigal” was a LOL……keep posting……good one 🙂

  2. Sema scene machi!! Keep going!! Srinath’s and Shyam’s comment ultimate!! “nalailendhu thookarom!” – enna varthada!!!!!!!!!

  3. Superb blog!! Keep the creativity part up! srinath part was awesome! 😀 he does that truly. Samiyar CA student comparison range!! kalaku machan.. keep blogging.. 🙂

  4. enakku PCC study holidaysla nadanthathu appidiye picturise pannirukenga………………super.enna mathiri oorla sila peru irukkanga.paaka santhoshama irukku……..

  5. u have posted thios after ur exams… i appreciate ur dedication… big advise to pass CA exam.. visit CA Aanjaneyar… He is near Alwarpet junction next to the old Lifestyle shop…

  6. Good Nostalgia Trip Arun!

    I once begun studying for Customs Act at 6.15 A.M on the day of the exam. The retention capability was beyond belief, and guess what, I passed IDT!

    All the best!

  7. too gud!!..gud memories of madras tamil for mumbaites like me…very hilarious…good luck for results!!!…:-)

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