My Bucket list

Bucket list:

It is not that Saravana store stock item. It is a list of things one would like to do before he dies (kicks his cheap discount sale Burma bazaar bucket). I always love to plan things. It gives me the joy of doing it without any much effort or cost. This Bucket list  is akin to CA exam to-do list. Both are things to be done before death in some way or the other.  But if the first mentioned thing is called bucket list, the latter needs to be called Dam List or at least Water Tank list with due respect to its size. Ok let’s dip our heads in the bucket.


My Bucket list:

  • Get to the top of a hill in a Bugatti Veyron car and come down in a bi-cycle.
  • To meet god- AR Rahman to say hi and suddenly fall in his feet and cry “Bosssss”.
  • Learning to play an instrument, which can be played while singing along, thereby facilitates torturing people.
  • To contest a 3 year old kid in a drawing competition and losing to see him happy. (Yeah I lost, so give me that diary milk)
  • To paint my whole house Orange by myself with smileys all around, and don’t care about the comments and eye hospital bills of the others.
  • To take a toy car to my office and drive that through all the cabins, keeping my face damn serious in what I’m doing.
  • Make someone so addicted to me and appreciate her when she says ‘hate you’, immediately continued by ‘and love you more’.
  • To visit moon, mars and whatever planet possible and make that one nasty too.
  • To make my parents feel that their capital investment is not that bad and has high value of intangible paybacks.
  • To act a drama. Yes of course as a comedian.
  • To speak at least 10 languages (in tamil)
  • To hear the words from my son “you’re the best dad in the world” or beat him up to say that 🙂
  • Close my eyes myself before dying. I don’t want my eyes to see people close to me crying. No… now don’t cry.
  • To have a high end camera and go mad clicking all the things I see. WoW a street dog! How cute! Click.
  • To write a bucket list.

4 thoughts on “My Bucket list

  1. To meet god- AR Rahman to say hi and suddenly fall in his feet and cry “Bosssss”.
    -> This one goes on top in my bucket list as well! But I might not say “Bossss”, but I might ask “Sir, orey oru poto” 😀

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