I am “the” Appatucker

It took me 2-3 days after my CA results to realize that I’ve really become an appatucker. I always believed that my mom is going to wake me up “Mokku! You overslept. Today is the last day for exam fees. You remember?” But no I survived.

It is not a dream I believe. Else writing this blog may also be a dream. May be my whole life is a dream. I may be a brown color, one leg broken street dog, which runs behind every yellow color Tata Nano and getting dreams like a CA student. Nevertheless I’m loving it.

The day of result, I’ll never forget. Results were expected to be announced by 11 AM. I planned a tar-mar strategy (I used to term all my strategies so). The strategy is I will go to office, as soon as results are announced I’ll rush to our bike parking and see the results there in my mobile. If positive, buy sweets and return office to put scene and all. If negative run home and weep like a lorry hit dog. But anga dhan twist.

On my way to office itself i received a call from my Dubai friend. I stopped my bike in a moothara sandhu and picked my phone. He terrorized me with the words “Results out”. (Thank god I’m in a moothara sandhu and I’m free to pee).
I told him my number and asked him to check. He used bad words after checking those. Coz, Instead of a 5 digit roll number, I told him some 8 digit number (probably my mama thatha’s phone number). So I had to call back my home to search my hall ticket to get the actual roll number. My sister succeeded the search with google speed (5.026 seconds- yeah I have only bsnl connection).

By that time, my friend Auto Mani called and communicated his pass! I was very happy to hear that. He’s a very hard worker. If he’s not passing, even saraswathi’s cousin son cannot pass. He spent time on studies more than what our planet earth has taken to reach this evolution. I told him my correct roll number and asked him to check.

He was checking my result …..

Those 10 seconds are the longest ones in my life….

It was like Raktha sarithiram movie in which, they showed even the film credits in slow motion. Cycles are passed by in ultra-slow motion in HD clarity. I thought god has given the world’s remote control to a toddler who experiments it by pressing all coloured buttons.

Auto mani finally said “58, 63, 41, 57…….kalakkitta machi… nee pass!!!”

Suddenly without asking my permission one droplet came out of my eyes “pochak”! I told “dai… ulle poh” in Rajini’s accent. I went back to my Guna-Kamal Hassan mode for 10 secs, with upward staring eyes. Then, I called my home to make my mom happy. Damn I didn’t see her face. But I could completely visualize it with every detail.

After that I got some 25-30 calls. “Watra” Shyam and Srinath 420 also passed. Watra Shyam’s kumbakonam-temple-anga-prodhakshanam strategy worked finally!

On roads I gave an “eeeeeee” smile at everyone. I felt like being in heaven and having a look at the sinners on earth. When I saw a Pulsar boy with super figure in backseat, I thought of asking “Hey your girl may be a sooooper figure, but naan CA pass! Nee pass huh da? Soldra… nee pass huh?”

Yes I’m a Chartered Accountant now. What a feel! What a relief! No more section number mugging. No more “Ippo ennada ambi pandra nee?” questions from pattu podavai maamis in kaadhu kuthals. No more early morning classes without bath. No more raasi palan seeking on exam days. He he he… I’m happieeee!

Arun Ram


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