Thundu beedi pulambals:

@Sappa figure

Amma sathiyama sollu. Don’t you know that you are a sappa figure. How many years you are going to act as if you don’t know the fact? Why this vetti scene? You create a scene like I’m dying to look at you. I’ll watch tiruppachi and sivagasi DVDs back to back instead. Onnu soldren kettukko “Ponnu na adakkama irukkanum. Adakkam panni endhiruchu vandha maari irukka koodathu!”

@Gold chains

What? That thamathoondu gold chain twenty five thousand rupees huh? What utility you are deriving from that yellow metal, except that scene you put in kaadhu kuthals? Aiyo rama…. I would’ve bought a x box 360 and rested in peace..

@TV Stations

How is that everytime I turn some channel only to find my favorite song playing the last line? You waited for me to end the song, don’t you? You are starting your Orbitrek advertisement immediately to make a mock on me.  Kradhagha!

@Sooper figure

Dei pacha satta… Un moonjikku andha soooper figure huh da… If you both stand side by side, it looks like piano with black and white strings! Satyam theatre mela sathiyama soldren… nee nalla irukka matta! Aiyoo… enna figure enna figure… compass la potta  maths figure 2.2 maari irukkale!. Sooper figure lam RADO showroom maari. Orama ninnu vedikka paathe vazhkaya otta vendiyadhu than!

@Vadapalani Signal

Dei manasatchiye illama 150 seconds signal podareengale… see da that side nobody’s coming, except that munda banian tricycle karan, whistling a vijay song…..

@Facebook likes

“Yaaaay……. :)” nu oru fb status update by a sumar figure, adhukku 11 likes huh da? My 3 yrs akka ponnu A lendhu Z varaikkum solva da… Last week I saw one status msg “Lost my mobile :(“. For that 4 likes! I bet one of them would be the one, who has stolen it. Get him da!

@Blackberry mandayans

Dei unakku call attend, call cut thavara vera onnum panna theriyadhu. Then why you bought that ultra-modern Blackberry phone? Micromax 800 Rs phone is too much for you.  You’ll ask the poor sales person in store whether it will play Sun-tv. After buying that first thing you will call your IT dept personnel and configure outlook settings, so that you can receive and send mails. The scene you put after that is more disgusting than Vijay movie intro scene!

Just for the line “-Sent via blackberry” – at the end of every mail, you are spending 25 k. Kradhaga! I started typing that myself and saved 25k. We can also create a signature line “Sent via Costly blackberry Rs 29,500 + Rs 500 Pouch+ Rs 200 scratch guard ” and save energy. Idea illadha pasanga!

@American annas

Dei ipod, digicam, playboy scent, you are putting too much scene da… If i ask you’ll tell my brother bought these from US. Dei my Anna…. vetti payale….. andha buiscuit packet’a keela vechuttu US poda!

Vaithula vayula adichundu azhum,

Arun Ram


6 thoughts on “Thundu beedi pulambals:

  1. Modern Dharumi da nee.. Indha polambu polambare?? 😛 Aana semma punches. Especially “Sooper figure lam RADO showroom maari. Orama ninnu vedikka paathe vazhkaya otta vendiyadhu than!” EPIC!!!! 😀

  2. good one arun 🙂 liked a lot of the quick humour that is obviously ignored in a lot of situations.. keep it up.. romba englishla scena podrennu nenaikkadheenga 🙂 enakkum tamizh pudikkum 🙂 enakku tamizhum pudikkum 🙂 all the best!

  3. Kiran in Livingston tone: Eppidi rasa ippidi feel(koovura) panra…deivame… feelings(kooval) thilagame… unnala mattum eppidi mudiyudhu..,. next time innum nalla feel(koovanum) pannu….
    Thaaru maaru machi…… aana indha pacha thanni kudichittu payasam sapta effect kudukira paathiya…adhu dhan da thaanga mudiyale….

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