Big-babool times

Thinking of my childhood always turn my face into a Skype “:D” smiley. Even our worst situations at that period of time are comedy episodes now. No pass or fail qualms. No balance sheet tallying. All we were worried about is 4th period is social science and Homework note is missing in the bag!

I love recollecting these memories. So mallaka paduthu vittatha paathu yosichadula I remembered these things. Feel free (Btw it’s free only) to share yours also in comments.


  •  I used to imagine money value in terms of number of bubble-gums it can buy. “Anju ruba da … so pathu big babool vaangalam da!”
  •  I believed that video games are the real world and this world is just a portal to it.
  • I was not tired of saving that attu figure princess from the terrorizing dragon in Mario game and not bored of that “tudun tun tudun tun tun” music. Even now I love humming this tune to torture people nearby.
  • We didn’t need anything big to happen to fresh up our mind. Even a 20 Rs saravana stores new Mickey Mouse pencil box suddenly creates interest in going to school.
  • In summer holidays, we used to play Monopoly game throughout the day, buying the whole world, without spending a penny. “Hey you need to pay me 2 million $”. “Hey I’m selling Airways coz I need some money”! Whatta game!
  • Crazy about WWF trump cards. I remembered thoroughly the measures of chest, biceps, vest size of every single wrestler but couldn’t remember the year of birth of Nehru mama and got banged by hema miss.
  • Cried my eyes out for buying a video game, but didn’t succeed coz my grandma said NO, thinking that it may endanger her “ula varum oli kathir” programme in podhigai tv. I told my dad “i am going to study hard to earn a lot, so that i can buy a video game by myself  and play contra”  wiping the tears off my face.
  • Got failed in Social science with 9 marks (thanks to Hema miss). I felt like i am the most paavam creature on earth. I pledged on that day, i am going to name my pet dog  “Hema miss”, whether it is a male or female. *Ooi Hema miss, go that side. I’m typing over here*
  • Chithappa’s Bajaj Chethak- bike ride! Front la ninnindu, travelled like pomerian dog.
  • Apsara white pencil with pink flowers! Love it! It was like having a iphone 5. “Dei anga paruda.. andha paiyan lubber vecha pencil vechurukkan da!”. “Amam da panakaran da!”
  • Birthday colour dress – We feel like Rajini kanth in half trouser, with shirt tucked in, in the middle of other white costume wearing dance artists. How heroic!
  • DD-1 Jai hanuman, 1 Re pepsi, Mickey mouse sticker, stamp collection, annual leave cricket tournaments, Cricket player cards (btw robin singh was my fav) which came free with bubble gums, Audio cassettes, rain holiday (i used to pray god with serious face for heavy rain), mama’s 10Rs for namaskaaram, ground nut shaped eraser, exhibition appalam, motta maadi thookams, 10 pm kulfi, aasai chocolate (whose cover can be stretched), tinkle comics, siruvar malar, Diwali thuppakki, super human samurai,………………. huff.

Those days also we had worries and problems. e.g Hema miss, opposite house terror mama, friend house’s jimmy etc. But we used to completely forget it on discovering a new interest. “Andha vadaya vida, indha bonda sooper” was the attitude. That is the thing which we’re lacking now. We’ve become too matured to laugh till you feel your tears. We’ve become so decent to take your favorite dish from your friend’s plate. We avoid eye clashes with neighbor to save that 1 minute on rushing to office. I’m speaking too much, illa ? Hmmm therla!

Arun Ram


7 thoughts on “Big-babool times

  1. u forgot to mention the friday saayangaalam oliyum oliyum, jaldi jaldi, rescue rangers, disney cartoons, and exhibition, as a whole.. The joy of travelling in train till beach station, then walking from there, or 2 Rs choco stick, fruitnik juice(grape flavour!) and stone paper scissors, chi ku lee ba( we wer having tournaments and champions!) .. appa.. we used to enjoy la! 🙂

  2. you forgot to mention the name “big fun”….5 big fun vaangi (or 3 not sure) adhoda wrappers ah kuduthena oru cricket card free…while studying in maharishi, I used to barter with B.Vinodh (me exchanging cards for big fun wrappers and vice versa)…..and they occasionally release a big guts & glory card (bears the career statistics till date for every individual) & also the team card which could be grabbed as per the availability…

    Also, the famous brittania points collection during world cup times…5 points for tiger, 20 points for good-day,etc….naama biscuit saapidromo illayo andha points collect panradhukkagave biscuit packets vaangi kuvipom (amma andha biscuit cover ah thooki podadha ma please) 😉

    1. i agree with you !! I used to be Guts & Glory card junkie… The bigfun bubblegum wrapper was not so thick & you could very mildly see whats inside.

      I used to go to pan shop & take out 30-40 bigfuns and search for the star wrapper & buy them. I used to have Guts & Glory cards of sachin, abey kuruvilla, ganguly, robin singh, debasis mohanty,… and buy was i proud of having them … sweet school days ..

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