Why this kolaveri di #version 9,784

Someone tweeted. “Hi I am from Planet Xybro. I couldn’t understand the language in this world. But this kolaveri song is awesome!” That is the reach of the song which is now about to touch 30 M views! And the versions of Kolaveri include TRR (Wild version), Jackie chan (Kuthu song), DAV school (only englis), Adolf Hitler (for kolaveri), Knorr (Soup song) and Harris Jayaraj (dupe song). Doing versions of original song is very easy. If you couldn’t sing like the original, no problem! It’s your version. Of course this doesn’t apply to Kolaveri di. Reason-even my 96 yrs old thatha can sing this song easily; especially that “ooonnneee tttwwwwooo thhhree”.


There is nothing in the song to speak about. That’s why everyone is singing I guess.  And nobody can say “shruti is not there in the song”. She is there no? God knows why. And the boy next door who starves and doesn’t have money to shave his beard is now world famous. One of my amit colleagues asked “Rajinikanth is the father in law of our kolaberi danush right?” I fainted instantly.

Kolaveri is now even being played in Blackberry. When I listened to it for the first time, I felt the tune resembles “veetukku veetukku vasa padi venum”. But I liked it anyway for the rhythm.  Now if I say to someone that I don’t like it, immediately I will be thrown out of the country. It’s now Indian identity of Music! Even ARR agreed. So I’m settling with Kolaveri raaacks!!!


One thought on “Why this kolaveri di #version 9,784

  1. Kolaberi making many a somberi! 😀 😀 btw, is it by any chance based on aabheri?? 😛 😛 😛 Or was the song recorded in Andheri??? IF not Andheri, then Endhaeri?? 😛 And The song’s success shows that Dhanush is also after all, a vyaabari! 😀

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