Twitter Addiction

In the family of social networks, Twitter is the husband, who talks within 140 characters, and Facebook is the wife, who talks, plays, posts, pokes,  pukes etc. and Google plus is their son, who scores with circles (Zero).

The concept of twitter is well explained by our world tamil famous (WTF) dude Dhanush in the movie ‘Kutty’. In that movie he will tell to the heroine “I love you. But I’ll not expect you to love me. You can love anyone you want. But I love you.”  Likewise in twitter you can follow anyone you want. But there is no compulsion for them to follow you back.

Let me have the privilege of explaining you the intricacies of twitter. After Dan Brown books, Symbols play a vital role in twitter. The most important ones are being ‘@’ and ‘#’.

‘@figure’ Does not mean ‘attu’ figure but it means you are mentioning/tagging a figure.

Thiruvalluvar once tweeted:

“Mention enappaduvathu yadhenil tweeterku,
Summa iruppavanai sorindu udal”

‘#Home’ Does not mean putting fence to your house but means the title/subject matter of the tweet is being Home. Hope I’ve driven home my point.

A cool tweeter finds it awesome to replace the first two letters of a word with ‘tw’. Typically a tweeter dude will walk in a restaurant and order “Two Twidly and two Twadai parcel” and say “Tweep the Twenty five’.

Below are some of the imaginary tweets of twitter-addicts:

  • Police writes FIR – Last week bureau pulling, this week chain snatching #sameguy
  • Love letter – six pack, Super handsome, good for nothing, amsam guy or Sumar moonji, super qualified, highly paid, awesome guy (me) #youprefer
  • Teacher wrote in student’s note- “Why coming school? Ask your dad to buy some pigs for you no? #fail”
  • @machan this guy is mad. — > @Professor. Potrulama? #LastWarning
  • @Boss- Down with fever #MotherPromise CC @HR. (Later…) Machan @dude come fast. Movie’s gonna start!
  • @God – please make me pass this time. I ll put mottai for this guy – > @bestfriend
  • @pappu done with home work? @shalini stole my rubber vecha pencil da #MissKittayeMatna
  • This bugger — >@HarrisJ initially tweeted 10-15 tweets and there onwards keeping on re-tweeting them.
  • Hey @villan. Pls release the @heroine da. Sappa figure machi, Fight kellam worth illa. #Compromise
  • Met with accident. Taramani link road @ambulance. Machan @bestfriend ur pulsar #RIP. See the twitpic
  • #Natpu na ennanu theriyuma @deva unakku? #nanbaen na ennanu theriyuma? No… not that crap re-make movie!

I don’t know what is there in these Social Networks. Jobless Tweeple. Crazy right?  Ok . I got a mention from a celebrity. I gotta go.  For more thoughts on this tweet me @MokkaFellow.

Arun Ram


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