Mobile Internet

I woke up late one fine morning and while sipping my cup, I updated a facebook status via my mobile “Dude! My mom’s coffee is awesome. She is the best”. Within few minutes, my mom commented on the status from kitchen saying “Blunt dog! I gave you a tea”. And that comment got 15 likes. This is how my day starts usually. Internet enabled mobile phone is like having your friends and relations at your trouser pocket.

It will take 90 minutes for me to reach my work place on my company bus. That is the crucial time slot of my day to update my knowledge. I will browse through all the news websites and twitter feeds. “Information is wealth” I’ll tell to my colleague who just woke up from his sleep after my thunderous laughter reading Ramesh Srivats’s tweet. After getting enlightened with the world knowledge, I will do the thing which is expected from each and every dutiful citizen of India. Updating Fb status with an intellectual pun and refreshing for few likes that is.

Even Office time can be fun, while live tweeting it. But these system admins are villains in all offices. Except Google page, all other sites are proudly blocked by them. Dei what is the purpose of having only menu card in a restaurant? But of course still we can pass some time playing with doodles created for honoring every single person you don’t know’s birthday. There again you need a phone to save you from this cruel world and to tweet swear words about your system admin. All essential human activities like checking cricket scores, booking cinema tickets, chatting with friends, clicking like on ‘not so cute’ girl’s picture with pomerian dog all needs to be done in time.

I don’t know how people survived at all before all these technologies. Just imagine how awesome it would’ve been if these things exist from the period of Ramayana or Mahabharatha. Ramayan would’ve ended shortly with just a tweet of Rama saying “Sita missing. Pls retweet” or a fb post by sita with location “Dude ram, this raavan fellow has one awesome veena. Get me one like this”.  Mahabaratha wouldn’t have started if both pandavas and dhuriyodhana were busy playing angry birds on their mobile forgetting the stupid dice.

PS: This blabbering is part of a blog contest for which the last date of submission was years ago. I read this recently in my evernote drafts (ya, I use evernote and all to put scene) and share this with yougaiz and torture you to death. Mission Accomplished.

Updated via android mobile,
Arun Ram


5 thoughts on “Mobile Internet

  1. It would have been fun even during King Ashoka’s times.. HE would have sent an event invite “Plant trees at sides of the roads and Not on the centre” with a RSVP to it!!:D That would again be declined by many.. So he might rope in some Rambha or Urvashi for this event and RSVP’s gained!! 😀 😀

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