How to get rid of Raghuthatha in you

People struggle for words in two cases.  1. Words are incompetent to express them. 2. They are incompetent to express in words. The Latter case is very painful I am telling you! *wipes tears*.

Majority of we tamilians are Raghuthathas in Hindi. We listen to ARR songs and all in Hindi. But still we cannot properly say “Good morning. My name is Selvi” in hindi.

This Hindi language makes me go mad.  The only thing which I totally couldn’t get is that, why they are involving my aatha (mom) into a conversation happening in a bus stop. They are telling “Gaadi aatha hei”, when my mom is so slim, not gaadi at all and silently watching Sneha-Prasanna wedding in vijay tv.

I should’ve learned this mother abusing language before itself. But in my college days, one of my policies was to accept and appreciate all languages only in porn movies. So now I am suffering.


So here are the options.

Option 1: Gurupadham ki nikalo hei:

Guru is very important da. Matha, pitha, guru, deivam is the hierarchy. But thala kamal Hassan has acted Guru movie only no? This Maniratnam also has directed one movie in that name. So now you know the importance of Guru. I realized this in my 1st std itself and joined a hindi classses (bgm: ♫Guruve…..Saranam….♫). But there  I got slapped mercilessly for very ordinary behavior of getting reference from the book during class test. That teacher turned my ear like car stereo volume controller with my raising scream right in front of that cute girl Nitya who later asked me to return her groundnut rubber which she gifted me that day.  All my maanam, soodu, soranai told each other ‘saaman nikalo!’

Option 2: Konar the barbarian

There is one fellow called Konar da. He used to publish guides for complicated tamil verses and all. I learned tamil only through him. But he stared at me dumbstruck and started crying when I asked him the meaning of few Harris Jayaraj songs. But a good chap though. Call him and ask him to put a guide for hindi no? You people have no ideas on your own da. All I need to tell.

Option 3: Muzic mei aatha hei ?

Hindi songs! Learning through music is a classical idea. Remember we used to learn ABCD and all through music only. But I used to forget the lyrics concentrating more on the tune. But in hindi songs are not very good da. Those music directors are worse than Harris J. Come ‘on our Harris copies tunes from his earlier movies only. But these fellows are copying from the same movies da! And calling it remix, medimix etc.

Option 4: Movies dheko na?

A very good choice is to watch hindi movie with English subtitles. But you need patience of a Master Oogway from kungfu panda, to watch a hindi movie. That’s how bad it is. Recently I watched a hindi movie which was like watching a 5 yr old kid play PS3 while you are waiting for your turn in ezone. And also recent hits are remake movies of our Dr Vijay which were  remakes from Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Xhosa languages. This is like, eating from picha karan’s plate and vomiting it and eating it again.

So all these methods are failing miserably. So what’s the solution?

Get yourself posted in a hindi speaking city like me and start abusing their mothers too. Bravely die after killing Hindi.

Jai Hind(i),
Arun Ram


3 thoughts on “How to get rid of Raghuthatha in you

  1. Best solution da… Evil leads to good! Start from Ketta varthai hai… u know?? school days ullu ke patte… suvar ke bache.. jannal ke bache an all?? then go full ahrdcore badwords.. and then to less indecent punch dialogues.. Watching SETMAX During IPL Match dys on d afternoons help yu, as they dub tamil movies in hindi and put ra..

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