Of course Kamalgaasan films won’t run

Kamalgaasan and Rajinikanth fights are one of the awesomatic time pass ever. I also like Rajini for his style and Top Raman kind-of extra masala, but why compare kamal sir with him? Machan, go and compare Puli saadham with Cheese pasta no? Rascal!

Yes I agree Kamal sir movies have some gilma stuff here and there and in between as well. That’s because we copy get influence from Hollywood movies macha! The one scene which you outraged in public and watched 13 times on youtube? Sappa matter (literally!) for us.

Kamal can act, sing, dance, direct, produce, and abuse in 14 languages. Boss he has better features than Micromax mobiles! He can speak English with more accent than Hyundai company itself. Whenever he starts speaking English I ll just clap and pass the moment.

Dude, I know that he experiments cinema in other producers cost. I also know that you had that American chopsy during client visit and abused the waiter for not giving bill for the tips money. Spending others money is always fun! See how happy our politicians are.

You may say that Kamal does over-action in few places. I totally agree. But as per Docomo Vijay – something extra is cool no? Then how do you expect people to say Kamal has done ‘better’ than Marlin Brando in Nayagan? *Aaah… aaaaah….*

Whenever I witness Ajith and Vijay fights, I’ll roll on the floor pointing and laughing. One fellow even dared me by saying that Vijay is better in shaking his head while stretching his arms horizontally flat. Baskar!

Macha i don’t really care whether his films are running well or producer is happy or producer’s periamma is happy. I just want to watch a movie and appreciate. If you talk about movie hits, I ll buy Hit (Red color) and spray inside your nose.

Kamal sir is the awesomest actor I ve seen. His humors, his small perfections, his passion towards cinema are unparalleled. Seriously who will draw scars, put buddi glass and yellow washes teeth to spoil his handsomeness? He would’ve acted all soft romatic Gemini ganesan kind of movies using his looks. But see what he has chosen. 


I totally agree that he should not propagate atheism in all his movies. But macha, one cannot be perfect. He has his right on flaws. I totally accept and adore him.

Kamal sir has more experience in cinema than all Finance uncles in TVS office put together. So at least give respect. Let me give the following bullet points to prove kamal sir’s awesomeness.

  • Paartha mudhal naale song bullet
  • HAPPYYY NEW YEARRR- song bullet
  • Mumbai express bullet
  • Avvai shanmughi chasing scene in bullet

*runs before getting killed*

P.S: This blog was intended to be a birthday tribute. But similar to kamal sir movies, the release got delayed.

Anbe Venkatachalam,

Arun Ram


12 thoughts on “Of course Kamalgaasan films won’t run

  1. When it comes to Kamal’s films, the case of Raasulatchumi knocking producers door is similar to Schroedinger’s cat, we don’t know and we needn’t be bothered.
    Righta sonna maamu!

  2. Ya well … Migavum arumayaana post … Alagaana vasanam … Idha pati nanban rajni kooda nalla irukunu sonnaru … Idhu nijam .. nijamana unmai … !

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