‘Chi’ Talks in Gtalk

Gtalk is one awesome kadalai and communication tool. While there are many others IMs available, in comparison with Gtalk, they are just… well Manmohan Singh.


If Gtalk status is the space given to express what’s in one’s mind, no wonder it’s blank in most cases. ‘Available’ status is common with uncles and periammas. Few girls use this space to quote Shakespeare, Mahatma Gandhi, Power Star etc. There are few ‘Peter’ types who set status as ‘Available on iPhone’ while surfing wallpapers in browsing centers. Few share their companies name, mobile number and even sister’s horoscope in this space. Few use symbols and hearts better than early Egyptian civilization just to say they are happy.

Conversations below are few  instances from my routine Chi talks.

Me: Hiiiiiiiiii! How you doin!!!???!!!!
Super Figure: Hi. Fine…
Me: Cute pic! Looking very nice.
Super Figure: Thanks. That’s default cartoon…
Me: Oh! What doing? Where you work now?
Super Figure: brb…
Me: I know BNP what’s brb?
Super Figure….. you there…..?

{Cha! Bad network}

Pension Perippa: Hello Arun! Hru
Me: Fine perippa. Neenga eppadi irukkel?
Pension Periappa: Fine. Fine. Pongal lam aacha?
Me: Aachu Periappa {ippo dhan sapten}.
Pension Periappa: How is job? Any increment?
Me: Fine Periappa. Nothing.
Pension Periappa: OK. Eppo marriage? Ponnu paathacha?

Arun is offline. Messages you send will be delivered when Arun comes online

Nanbaen da: Dei naye..
Me: Sollu machi…
Nanbaen da: If I give missed call, call back. That’s not to check your nonexistent callertune.
Me: ok machi. Calling….

P%&$jdkhskd2003 wants to add you on gtalk
P%&$jdkhskd2003: Hi
Me: Hi
P%&$jdkhskd2003: Kender du dansk?
Me: ok. Bye.

Boss: Someone has put sick leave and is online… Hmmm…
Me: Hi uncle! I am Arun’s little brother…
Boss: ok Arun.

Keep Chi talking,

Arun Ram


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