Baskar Winning Accountant

I always wonder how it would feel like living a life of awesomatic AR Rahman. It will be a mixture of fame, pressure, expectations which results in a simple soul stirring melody. On the other hand, I am just an Accountant. My life is a mixture of non-tallying trial balances, rectification entries, audit queries, MIS deadlines which ends in an epic Sambar rice and sleep. But for a change, let us imagine, how AR Rahman would feel, living an Accountant’s life. Let’s interview him.


How do you keep passing awesome journal entries?
Sometimes when I sit for passing an entry, it just won’t come. I will keep focusing and trying for some time and  finally like the IRCTC website, it comes alive. My entries are results of my prayers and curses on my boss’s pet dog.

Is it true that you always work late at night to pass entries?
Yes. Because during the day time, the coffee machine and photocopier are always busy. Whereas at nights, it is free and waiting there, just for me. *rubs hands and chuckles* It is like going for a jog in Ranganathan Street. I like that. So I work late.

You’ve already won the most coveted Baskar award. How do you feel after receiving such an honorable award?
Well… I don’t work for awards and accolades. It is just the free coffee and photocopier freedom that I work for. But it felt great. Ella pugazhum MS Excel ke!

Did you expect that you will get the second award?
Oh yes. After all i named my first award Debit. Every debit will receive a corresponding Credit as per the rules of Accounting. That i knew.

You mentioned that your mother had put you into the Commerce profession. Did you grudge her decision? How did you take it?
At that time, from society’s point of you, if you can’t get into science group, you were a dumb student. You probably were a 9th grade fail who was given conditional pass to take up commerce and balance school strength. So, naturally, I was torn like a bank deposit challan. But little did I know that Commerce was where all science students would land in later, after completing B.E or B.Tech in the form of MBAs.

How do you keep yourself grounded?
I’ll take the Metro trains *throws arms and laughs*. I seriously believe that the world is a spreadsheet and we all are nothing but a homogeneous cell. The cells are formatted differently but we are all part of the same workbook.

What is one thing that you regret in your life?
I had one uncle who was a respectable Chartered Accountant in my town. He told me once that we both should totally work on a  company’s Accounts closing. He died next week because of excessive intake of client office Bourbon biscuits. My regret is that, he didn’t even give me a biscuit before dying.

Proviso 1– I am a #ThalaRockzz fan of AR Rahman and I respect him for everything he does. The above texts which occupy some useless bits of internet space are just for fun and audit evidence for my idleness.

Proviso 2: This piece is based on a very good AR Rahman interview which can be read here

Being Jobless,
Arun Ram


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