Appo Adhane?


I sent her one selfie. She said that the photo background looks amazing. Appo Adhane?

I told her ‘shy is coming’. She told ‘ok then I am going. You two guys have fun’. Appo Adhane?

I challenged her with straight face that she will one day fall for me. She said ‘awwww. You are still a child’. Appo Adhane?

When I flirted with her for half an hour, she said I should really complete my homework before tomorrow’s class. Appo Adhane?

Once when I told her that nowadays I couldn’t eat, sleep or work properly; she recommended her family doctor. Appo Adhane?

When I told her my food preferences, she accepted without any inhibition that I have many things in common with her…. dog. Appo Adhane?

When I showed her one of my latest cartoon, she told me my handwriting is really bad. Appo Adhane?

One evening when I asked her out, she told me with care and affection that I should eat and go to bed early so that I can be fresh at work next morning. Appo Adhane?

When I asked her whether I look like Vijay or Thala, she told me I look like Thalaivasal Vijay. Appo Adhane?

When I asked her whether she will give life for me, she quickly opened her mobile phone and sent me a Candy Crush life. Appo Adhane?

When I took her to a stand-up comedy show and told my love while returning, she told me that I am the best. Appo Adhane?

When I told her there should not be any secrets between us, she introduced me to her boyfriend. Appo Adhane?

Adhu illaya?
Arun Ram


One thought on “Appo Adhane?

  1. Dey …. ippo nee vaanga pore adi samathayaaa irukum …

    appo adhaane …

    Mokka pottu kollaaadha da ….

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