13 things I wish I knew at 13

Aforizm budet

1. Boy! I know you will be shocked, but it finally turned out that video games are just video games and life is the real one.

2. Fight scenes in tamil movies are sooo dumb. Why you have developed so much interest in munda banian arjun fights only I donno. Grow up man! watch “Super Human Samurai”.

3. Viji miss is not the most beautiful lady in this world. And no, you can’t marry her.

4. Start reading books. Otherwise later in your life all your friends / colleagues will put too much scene about books and you ll be like. “Last English movie which I saw is Sholey”

5. Don’t change your interests like watsapp dps. Stick onto one and give your best. (like LinkedIn dp. No one really changes it)

6. Bro! you got lot of time! Stop throwing stones at dogs and start doing something useful for your life like.. collecting batman stickers

7. Comics are awesome. You are also supposed to read the text which comes in boxes it seems.

8. All girls in your class will add you later to their Facebook irrespective of pencil rubber related fights. So don’t worry 😉

9. Studies are overrated. It’s ok to fail in social science and change the world! (by marking maps wrongly).

10. Your teachers don’t hate you personally. They all work for your good. Hema miss is pure evil.

11. Watching cartoons all the time is so dumb. They are just fictitious characters. You have to be more matured like me now to realise that… only Batman can save the Gotham!

12. Stop mixing Complan/ Horlics power with ghee and eating for time pass. You are not going to get ready made shirts in future

13. You are the dumbest guy in the class. But don’t worry, with age you ll grow to be the dumbest anywhere.

*Points and laughs*
Arun Ram

P.S: This post is written on request *coughs and dies* by my awesome sis Bladenomics. You can read other cool lists here


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